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Responsive images have always been a pain to configure properly. In Drupal you can create your breakpoints in your theme or module and use the Responsive Image module to set up different responsive image styles, defining which image style to use for a specific breakpoint. This takes quite some work and planning to set everything up, and maintaining all the image styles if changes need to be made is always a pain. Most of the sites I have built lately also have a fluid design. …

For some reason I recently had different clients with a similar need to create subsites in Drupal based on some kind of context in the URL. The context would mostly be defined via a URL prefix, but in some cases this could also be a different domain. Drupal has several modules that could provide functionality related to subsites, like Domains Access, Group and Organic Groups. …

Two weeks ago I tweeted about updating a website with 123 contrib and 59 custom modules to Drupal 9. When I sent that tweet I was just starting the update and all was going pretty smooth. After using the awesome Upgrade Status module, all the contributed modules and our custom modules showed they were ready. Since our team believes waiting only makes it harder to keep up, we decided to go for Drupal 9.1.0 while we were at it.

I want to start by saying that we have quite some test coverage for our custom code, and a lot…

Sean B

Freelance Drupal Developer. Passionate about Open Source. Loves working on challenging projects with talented people. Maintainer of Media in Drupal 8 core.

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